Unbrick My Cloud 2TB with no success


First at all, sorry for my bad English! I try my best.

I have used this guide to config a new HDD (WD Green WD20EURS) for my My Cloud. I have used the image of the 2TB because my drive is also a 2TB.

At the end i used the command: “sync”. I put the hard disk in my My Cloud, but i will flashing red light. I did this a couple times with no success.

Some more information of the mobo of the MyCloud (On a sticker):
4096-705698-000 CBA

See those printscreen what i have make.

Can someone help me out?

Many thanks!!

What version single bay/single drive My Cloud unit do you have? The older first generation v3.x/v4.x firmware My Cloud or the newer second generation v2.x version My Cloud? The process to unbrick them may not be the same. And the firmware file needed for each version is different which means you generally cannot use the first gen firmware to unbrick a second gen My Cloud and vise versa.

Some have had luck with Fox_exe’s unbrick methods.

First gen My Cloud replace hard drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVbzZac0plbkZKeGM/view

Second gen My Cloud unbrick: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVQVhnLVJOdDZISUU/view

Fox_exe’s main My Cloud directory: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVRXF4aFpYS2dzMEE

Thanks! Maybe a N00b question, but where can i find which version i have?

To unbrick properly you MUST know what version, first gen or second gen, of single bay My Cloud you have otherwise the unbrick process will fail if you select the wrong image (img) file.

Generally one can find the firmware version number which indicates generation version by accessing their single bay/single drive My Cloud Dashboard. v3.x or v4.x is first generation, v2.x is second generation. Otherwise, look at the bottom of the My Cloud for the “P/N” number. Generally if the P/N number ends with “-00” then its a first generation My Cloud. If the P/N number ends with “-10” then it is a second generation My Cloud.

-00 First generation
-10 Second generaton

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Thanks! I got lucky! It was a P/N: ending with 10. So i used the first couple times the wrong image. But he is working!

Thanks al lot Bennor!