Formated My Cloud drive partitions


By my foolishness i did format MyCloud 3TB drive connected directly to the computer.
I mean i did disassemble the MyCloud and connected via SATA Red drive to computer and formatted it.

Right now MyCloud shows red light and seems to not responding to the connection attempts neither via IP, App or WD page.

My questions are:

  1. Is the MyCloud dashboard, firmware and base OS is located on the logic board and there is way to access it or it all was located on the drive which i formatted?
  2. In case if OS was located on the drive, is it possible to restore the OS if i connect the drive back to computer or via any other WD app?

The My Cloud firmware is stored on the My Cloud internal hard drive. You will need to follow one of the various unbricking procedures to restore the My Cloud firmware to the My Cloud internal hard drive. For the single bay My Cloud, because there are two different models (first gen v4.x, and second gen v2.x) the are two different methods of unbicking with different files and procedures for each method. One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass upper right, to find various past discussions on unbricking.

User Fox_exe has created a set of unbricking instructions that some have used to unbrick their single bay My Cloud.

First Gen:
Second Gen:
File repository:


Look at this and find firmware if you need too.


Thank you. It took me a lot of time to get Linux and make it work on Mac but i successfully restored the drive.
The only thing what bothers me now is that the LED light is not showing anything.

I mean the diagnostic dashboard shows that all is good.
Firmware window shows that all is good
And the turn on LED in settings is also on

But the led indicator is not showing anything. Is that normal?

If i do unplug it, reboot, turn of and on again then for some time it blinks in weird collour (neither Green and neither Yellow) something in between GrenishYellow and then after it “stops indexing” the LED indicator just switches off.

From manual (page 15) i did read that Normal status is Blue LED (either pulsating or solid depending either its idle or working)

Blue LED is a common failure.

This is not what it says in manual. By manual blue light is normal drive state. Red is failure and yellow is overheating

No, I mean a failure of the blue LED is a common problem. I suspect your blue LED, like mine, has failed.