Install My Cloud Firmware on "new" HDD

after removing my 6 TB HDD and using it otherwise I want to put it back into the My Cloud case and install the My Cloud software / firmware.

Sadly I can’t find any guides regarding a 6 TB HDD Mycloud or I don’t know if they are still applicable.

Thanks for helping!

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Can you try to use “Search” button? Nope? Sad…

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There are numerous “unbricking” guides one can follow. You need to know your firmware version in order to use the proper unbricking guide. In some cases you can use ANY of the unbricking IMG files to unbrick as the My Cloud will resize the hard drive upon performing a System Reset through the Dashboard post unbrick. Fox_exe’s guides have been used by more than a few here to successfully unbrick their My Cloud or when installing a new hard drive:

My Cloud Gen 1:
My Cloud Gen 2:

There are numerous “unbricking” guides

And all of them with broken urls!
I spent more than hour trying to find “live” threads.
Need to restore WD My Cloud from scratch after replacing broken HDD.

Of course there are broken links, the last post in this thread before being revived was from 2016.

See your other thread that has some current URL’s for one person’s unbrick directions.

My website still up and running:
And it will continue to work while the disk on which it works lives :slight_smile: