Restore My Cloud from scratch after broken HDD replacing

I have WD My Cloud gen 1 I guess, for one HDD.

My HDD had died.
And I replaced it to new one WD 8TB HDD.

My Cloud P/N: WDBCTL0040HWT-10.

Where I can get firmware images to install on HDD?

I’am linux user, so I know hot to use dd command, gparted and etc.

But all links that I had found is with broken URLs.

Will be very appreciated.

Search the subforum (magnifying glass icon upper right) for “unbrick” plenty of discussions on how to unbrick a first gen or second gen single bay My Cloud, the process is different for each version.

Example of past recent discussions:
How I replace the HDD of mycloud gen2

First gen single bay My Cloud - P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx- 00 , FW 04.xx.xx
Second gen single bay My Cloud - P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx- 10 , FW 02.xx.xx

User Fox_exe has some directions for each version that some have used to successfully install a new hard drive to a single bay My Cloud.

User Fox_exe repositories:
Main Repository:
First Gen:
Second Gen:

First gen directions:
File(s) used in first gen:
Latest first gen firmware:

Second gen directions:
Alternate method files:
Latest second gen firmware:

Note: Because the uRamdisk-wdrecovery and uImage-wdrecovery do not have file extentions they may not download correctly. One may have to copy the URL links and paste them into a web browser to have the two files download properly.

Thank you!

I trying to apply the instructions from

Created a FAT32 partition on a USB flash drive
Extracted boot folder from usbrecovery.tar.gz

Connect this USB drive to WD MyCloud, power on. Wait for the yellow-red (flashing) light.

Connected the network cable (checked).
Connected a USB drive to the USB port on the WD My Cloud.
Power off and on WD My Cloud.
But nothing happened …

The LED on the face flashes quickly in red.
My route doesn’t see new devices.

What could be wrong?

As the post above indicates the directions (and files) are different for the second gen single bay My Cloud. As indicated above if the P/N number of your single bay My Cloud ends with “-10” you have a second gen not a first gen. Make sure to use the correct directions and files for your device generation

I mixed up links in the post above, I used instructions for second gen.

Any way, now I used “Alternative way”
Manualy allocated HDD partitions.
And now MyCloud is booted.

I see “Safe mode” at WEb interface of WD My Cloud.


Upload File:

And nothing hapens again.
Just red led light permanently more then 10 minutes.


And see “Safe mode” again

May be I choosed wrong firmware file?

Very apriciated for yuor help )

This may or mat not be relevant