Rapid flashing blue light

I’m in the same situation, my device can’t stop flashing blue light

Same here… help!

Its been at least 3 days now. How long will this take? I need access to my drive!

I also have the same problem. I think there’s a bug inside the firmware that makes this happen.


Me too!

Same here. They bricked our device.

It is not pingable, so the network is not running. Which means: no outside access possible.

Reset (4 sec, 40 sec) does not work too. The device is broken.

My solution: I ordered another NAS from another company. I have backups and will use the WD RED hard drive from the Mycloud which is probably still ok.


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I am trying the solution described in:

But at the moment the unit remains with the led flash in red.

I also have some problem. Who can help us?

You can access the device with telnet by booting a different kernel with a USB-Stick.

This is only for hardcore Linux experts who can mount filesystems and use the shell. Be aware that you can lose all data if you make a mistake.

Connect the Mycloud to your router (with DHCP server).
Boot the system from USB-Stick.
Telnet into the device (no password).
Save your data first over the local net.
Setup a completely new device (with loss of all private data).

You can unplug the boot USB and plugin an external USB device to save your data. Mount the new device and use tar for bulk copy.

Follow instructions here:

I have managed to recover my WDmyCloud NAS 2Tb Gen2.
Indeed, the easiest method is to boot the NAS from the USB memory.
I have used only Windows and have followed the instructions “Linux” from the NAS with accuracy. Deleting data etc. The advantage of doing everything via telnet is that there is no need to open the device or complicate with privileges and other usual Linux messes. There is no need to change sda ​​for sdh or anything like that because you are managing the operating system of your NAS that only has a hard drive and a USB stick.

I tell you how I have managed to follow the instructions of that link

You need the file My_Cloud_GLCR_2.30.193.Bin to use it right at the end of the process:
And you need the following file to prepare the bootable USB memory. The name is usbrecovery.tar.gz and you have to unzip it directly on the USB stick with WinRar or similar:
If you unzip it correctly, you should only see the “boot” folder inside the USB stick and four files inside it. These:
I have noticed that the boot works only once and the led turns orange / yellow and red in my case. If you try to start a second time, the led does not turn orange / yellow. You must reformat the USB memory and unzip the usbrecovery.tar.gz file to retry the boot.
It should be borne in mind that routers with DHCP IP range type 192.168.0.xxx it may happen that the NAS does not acquire a valid IP. At least with the router that I used. When I tried again on another DHCP router with a 192.168.1.xxx range, it did respond by delivering the following MAC: 00: 50: 43: 02: 02: 00 instead of the real mac.
With the software for windows NETSCAN I searched for the IP. There are many ways to search for the IP.
To connect to the device via TELNET I downloaded and installed Putty software on Windows.
When you connect with this program, a “linux” screen of the NAS device appears. This is where you have to write everything described in the instructions in the link http://fox-exe.ru/WDMyCloud/WDMyCloud-Gen2/
Doing so deletes the entire hard drive. The data will be erased, obviously.
When you get everything done and access via Web, you must upload the firmware (My_Cloud_GLCR_2.30.193.Bin) that you downloaded before.
That is all.
I know. It is the same as other users have already explained …

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Thanks, Pieter, for your success report!

Some minor remarks: You can indeed boot many times from the same USB stick. Nothing gets deleted. Rebooting means: power off/ power on :slight_smile:

I’m still evaluating if it is necessary to set up the device “as new”, losing all data. Maybe you can recover without formating the different partitions.

I will report about it here when I have the time to do so.

Thanks! I am now impatiently waiting for further news from you : )

Has anyone had any luck using the WD data recovery partners? There are things on my drive that aren’t backed up that I would really like to save.

You can save all your existing data to an external USB drive.

Your data drive on the mycloud is /dev/sda2. Mount it to /mnt/root.

Your USB drive is /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdb2, depends how you formatted it.

Once both drives are mounted, you can move over all your data.

Your external USB drive should be formatted as a Linux filesysten (ext2/ext4). A Fat32 (Windows) system is possible, but you get serious trouble if some of your files are over 4GB.

Finally I got the Mycloud running again, WITHOUT losing my data.

I can run the web interface and can login via SSH.

BUT … big BUT: while the data on /dev/sda2 is still there, filesystem is fine, the device can’t see it. Even if I mount it my hand, the web interface says: no volume found.

There must be some trick… any ideas from the hacker community?

check the /etc/samba/smb.conf file. You could also try the 40 second reset now.

The bad news here: after setting up the system without deleting/formating the data partition, mycloud doesn’t recognize or mount the volume. Instead, it asks me to setup a RAID system. In a one disk bay :slight_smile:

It seems, it uses some volume id which does not match after a reset. I didn’t dig further, there may be a solution, but I just installed everything “as new” and now it runs again. Follow the instructions from @fox_exe!

Big thanks to @fox_exe for providing the hacker kernel to save our devices!

No thanks to Western Digital for bricking our device and not giving any solution.

Thanks everyone. Finally I spoke with WD support and they confirmed that the device is bricked. They will be sending me a new one. My concern now is retrieving my stored files from the cloud. Can anyone give advice/instructions in doing this using iMac? Thank you in advance.

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@wgrs My Linix/Unix is very rusty. can you write out the steps to retrieve the data and copy it over to a USB drive?


Having same problems. The top blue light flashing 2 days now. Did you solve this issue ? Also want to ask anyone in the know, of what’s the Router that is best for connecting to WD mirror gen 2. As it is dead slow.

Hi, i found a solution for the blue light flashing. i was waiting the the WD recommend 7 days but it didnt worked, nighter the 40 second reset, so i was testing some solution and one has worked. i did a video describe step by step how to solve it here:

Hope it will help you.