Questions dealing with the new emails saying my EX4 is loosing support. 3 questions about that

Hello EX4 owners and the admins,

I have read the emails saying that support is ending in April, 2022.

The way I see it, I am supposed to disengage my drive from being accessible online by following the instructions. Ok, I think I can do that. If not, I’ll post a reply here for help.

The questions I have are:

  1. If I ever need the drivers for the drive that runs the externa hard drive, such as my computer frying and now I don’t have that driver handy to then connect to a back up on my external drive, then how do I get another copy of the drive on the internet? The drive that does run the EX4 is going to be a part of the downloads on the website? If no, then I have to go find a bootleg version of that and oh is that scary. It does not say anything about that in the FAQ’s. If the drivers are still available online on the support page, then we simply download the driver and connect the hard drive, more or less (probably a full day’s worth of tinkering kind of less).

  2. As long as the external hard drive on my shelf is not connected to the internet, it’s still usable as an external drive with the driver installed, right?

  3. If the driver is not accessible on your website as a downloadable, functioning driver, then how does one make a back up of the driver in a format that can be used with instructions?

Thank you in advance,
Super S

I found this and it’s a good start. The question still looking for is what do I do if I loose the driver that is now being used to access the EX4? Looking for a driver for this is not working when use the website. I am searching the name, the model number and so forth. I suppose I need to know how to make a back up of the driver. Any links to that already discovered thread and discussion? I am sure it’s out there.

Your question is a little confusing. What do you mean by “driver” and what do you mean by “external hard drive”? The EX4 doesn’t need any drivers to work and an external (USB) hard drive connected to it similarly doesn’t need any drivers.
Am I misunderstanding your question?