[Question][ SentinelDS6100] Unsupported boot drive on recovery


I have a question regarding the recovery process on the DS6100, I ask here since this is something WD will not support. The boot drive of my sentinel was about to fail, since I was unable to find any spare drive anywhere I live I tried the process of whitelisting a drive(since the OS was still functional) so I whitelisted a Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD and cloned the OS to it, wanted to try the Black2 drive but it was giving too many errors.

All good so far and the sentinel was working great, I even upgraded it to Server 2016 as a test and it was running smoothly. One day the server didn’t want to boot up so I imaged it was due to the Server 2016.

I have access to the data on the boot drive but when attempting to do the recovery following the method of downloading an ISO and using the Marvel Drivers it does not detect any hard drive.

Question is, is there a way to make the Server 2012 R2 Essentials setup to recognize a non compatible drive? Any other suggestion will be appreciated.

You are using a windows iso and the marvel drivers. WD has not come into play yet. Either the drive, cable or controller is bad

Hi Gramps. I see, the SSHD seems to be working fine since I can access the data on it.

I cleaned the RAID controller board pins a moment ago to see if it was that but no luck. Are there any other suggestions to test?

btw, do you know if there is anywhere I can buy the controller board or a similar one to use with the DS6100?

If it did work and you think the drive is okay, I think it is toast. You might find a used box on ebay.

But I think I would look at something newer