DS6100 failure

Hi all. I have a DS6100 that fails to boot and just ends up in it’s shell. It will boot to a Linux USB stick but refuses to see a windows 2012 server install stick (I have tried many sticks) Is there a recovery ISO with the RAID drivers on board, if so where. I can find an ISO for the DS4000, will this work.
Any help or pointers very much appreciated.

Seems a shame to toss this in the bin.

These should be the raid drivers Supply your own copy of server 2012r2

this may have other stuff

Many thanks.
It has now started refusing to boot to the 2012 install stick which it was happy to do an hour ago.
Also the BIOS reports that there are no drives in the unit, is there a BIOS setting I might be missing?

I just noticed you said it would not boot the win stick in your first post
try this to make your boot drive ?

Thanks for your help, I’ll give that a try, I was using rufus.
Odd that it worked several times then stopped