WD Sentinel ds5100

Case number 13117750
I waited long enough to get the problem solved and I did not get any email concerning the operating system replacement.
You said I will get a call or email to proceed with the case. So far they are vague promises. WD does not stand behind the product they sell. I am stuck with a product that the operating system can not be restored to the original and a box that cost up to a 1000 US dollars accumulating dust with my personal data in it. It was the biggest mistake of buying their product.

I get a blue screen of death with an error 0xc00002e2
I tried everything I can to restore the back image I made, but same error. I can boot up the system to safe mode. I followed every direction to restore it, the same problem.

Support said you need another drive with the operating system and the system still under warranty but no one can proceed to send the drive.

I asked for a download link to the image so I can restore myself, they claimed they need to send the image on a drive. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? How can I restore the operating system to default without the help of incompetence support personnel?

If you have a copy of server 2012R2 or Essentials you should be able to install it with these drivers

Thank you for your reply. Which drivers you are talking about. I do not see in the message any link to drivers. Please clarify.
Are you talking about Raid.


I saw the drivers. I will try it. Thanks.