DS6100 Bare Metal Recovery

While waiting for WDC tech support to respond, I thought I would ask here if anyone knows where to find the Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials driver(s) for the Marvell 94xx SAS/SATA RAID controller in the DS6100?

Why :)  You trying to load something different on the box?

If you still have a copy running can you grab the files from


You should be able to mount your backup and get to these

Well now I read your title…I was under the impression I had done a BMR with windows server backup.  I will have to try again but now I got to dl 2012R2 update to boot from :frowning:

Are you using a 3rd party backup?

Well that actually worked.  I put those 4 files in a folder on the thumb drive and did install drivers.  Send me a Private Message with your email if you need them.  Little envelope in the top right here.

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Yeah, I finally got a tier 3 support tech (after 2 weeks and hours of frustration) who got me the Marvel files I needed to restore the server system drive, but thanks for your response.

Thanks for letting us know the outcome.