Bootproblem with DS6100

Hi there. I have a DS6100 with a FW from 2013 und Win 2012. Since January 1st the System is not booting anymore. First it did stop with Loading uefi HDD in the display and efi 0305100E in the Bios - dxe BS driver unrecognized.
No it hungs up with initializing…
Any idea whats to do?
I would be very happy if one could help me.

get a new boot drive and reinstall server 2012R2
these are the raid drivers

Ok, those are the files from the firmware Update? They are to mount as you mentioned in another thread - right? Is it sure that the boot drives are the problem?

Would it be useful to set the Server to 2019? I think i don’t get the original Installation Disks.

Sorry for another silly question: the Data drives will work as before or might there be any loss of Data?

No you need those marvel files for setup to see a hard drive to install to. You can do server 2019 if you have a license. You can find 2012R2 iso on the web and the license # is on a sticker on the box

Data drives Should be safe but to cma if you are worried get some raid recovery software and fetch the data off :slight_smile:

Ok, many thanx for now. I will try it out and give a feedback in this chat.