Public Folder

Excuse me if this has been asked before.

What is the point of the Public Folder ? I can see it on my PC’s via Windows Explorer but not on any of my apps or MyCloudHome webpage ?

You can’t access your Public folder with your MCH account (through WD discovery or web); just in your private network.

That’s what I’m trying to understand - what is the point of the public folder ? If I put files in the public folder to access at home then I can’t access them when I’m not at home ? I would have to copy them to my mycloud account to access them when I’m not at home ?!! I’ll have duplicates all over the place.

no, you can’t

Yes, it’s the only way unless you have a vpn

just copy files you want to access from anywhere in your account and delete them in public. you will be able to access it at home and elsewhere.

Is there anywhere I can see both the public folder and the folders on one screen, to facilitate easy copying/deleting ?

Sorry for my late answer. You can access both folders on windows through windows explorer (Ce PC on W10)

I can only see the public folder in Windows explorer ?

for what i know, i think yes.

What do you mean, you think ? You said earlier you could but I can’t ?

i say “I think” because, may be, there is others way to access it that i don’t know.