Public access set up for a My cloud home device

Can anyone explain how one actually gets public access so that all our joint files/folders can be seen by our staff. we have a mycloud device and that’s on the network and anyone can access open a file work on it and save back to the device. The mycloud home all i can find is access for personal space for me and one of my colleagues but i don’t want to have to share a file for them to work i simply want an area where anyone connected to our router/set up can access the my cloud home and work on files and save then for others to use etc.

Thanks in advance

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i found this folder at my network place. i think is what you finding, right ? try turn on file sharing and network discovery (click on network > properties > advance sharing setting > turn on both) , see it will appear at your network or not. if yes, then create a shortcut to your desktop. it should be able to start sharing already.

i have another question here, can i create another folder at this place? example “public 2” or “public 3” , i wanna create to my family actually. i wanna let my sister have their own space. bro also have their own space. In addition, i can access to what they shared also.

i try to access to the public folder using phone, but i cannot see the public folder, and i cannot get what i have shared inside also. i am confusing…

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No you cannot create additional shared folders. What you can do is create sub-folders inside Public.

The Public folder and your My Cloud Home are 2 different partitions. You cannot access the files in the Public from the Mobile App or Web. They can only be accessed locally.
Also the files you upload to the MCH (through web app, mobile app or WD Discovery desktop app) cannot be accessed from the Public folder.

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ok. noted. Thanks for solving my problem :slight_smile: