PS3 music streaming album art

I currently have the 1TB My Book World edition, white light. I have a MacBook and moved all my music to the NAS to be able to stream media to my PS3. However the album art doesn’t show when streaming. Some do but pretty much all of them do not. I know album art can be a bit tricky with the different ways it is tagged. Does anybody have a sure fire way to get these songs tagged correctly so that the album art will show up? I had it working once before but if I remember correctly it took quite a bit of work. Any ideas out there?

It is a pain in… I used the free software   MP3tag, tagged all my music and it work with my PS3. Be aware that the Ps3 is a bit …Cranky in showing art…I really don’t know why, but it is.

Okay I will give it a try until my patience wears thin.