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I’ve just upped all my Itunes music (in the correct folder format the lot) to my live hub.  The hub see’s it and I can play it through the tv just fine.  Two problems though :

  1. The in build Itunes “Server”.  My itunes see’s it, but sits there constantly syncing, wont see contents, is there a known issue?

  2. When using the hub to browse my music, is there some reason that It wont fetch content info or album artwork? The in built scraper does’nt seem to find anything. Is there a reason or a fix for this? The folder format and file format is itunes format, with folders for artist, and album, and then filesnames are track number and track name (standard itunes). There’s no album artwork present in the folders. Some of the albums show artwork, some dont, some will give album details if you look at the info, some dont. Get details just does nothing, does’nt find a thing.


You can get software to edit the tags for the files that aren’t showing art work

iTunes is the worst possible program to setup your mp3 tags.

In order to make them work properly with your live hub you should get MP3TAG

It sounds like an impossible thing to redo all your files but you will soon find out that it won’t take too long. It took me 2.5 hours for 100 GB…

When you do it make sure you have a folder.jpg for each folder, especially the artist folder.

Once you are done with it make sure you will always get your covers and tags through this software PRIOR to loading it into the iTunes library. Put your generated folder in it’s final location (where itunes would copy it upon adding to the library…i.E. “Metallica/Kill Em All” because otherwise iTunes will only copy the mp3 files and not your folder art work.

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