Album Art for music is not showing up, Help Please!

on some of my albums the album art is not showing up on now playing, i have the folder, folder1 and albumartsmall files and they are still not showing up, the folder files are under music but when going to now playing not show album art any suggestions? thank you

I can’t test anything right now, but here goes:

a) could it be your Hub was busy doing something else, and hasn’t generated the thumbnails yet? You could verify that by looking in the thumbs folder.

b) the Hub’s OS is Linux, and Linux is case sensitive with file names. I once read the folder image should be named Folder.jpg, not folder.jpg, but I’m not sure if this is true.

I think that folder.jpg will only show when viewing the actual folder, for images to show on bow playing, you have to tag the images to the music files - I use mp3tag to do this :smiley:

I do not believe that albumart image files do anything for the hub.

they all do have album art already from mp3tag so thats not iit, the folder icon displays for the files in the Music hub, the folder1 icon displays for album art in the now playing and the albumartsmall displays the small icon at the top in now playing, but its not displaying the folder1 and albumartsmall, it will show the folder icon though. i think that is how it works. but no it does not display from the album art on the file, b/c i have already moved the file to mp3tag and the album art is still tagged on the icons.

wiat i think you are right, i was using m4a files and it was not seeing the art work, i guess that the hub will not read album art from m4a files, thank you all

There are some music types that won’t show Album art or metadata, wmv’s are one of them.  The only 2 that I know for sure  will show the info is mp3’s and flac files. 

If you are haveing trouble with the Album art or  metadata, try using Winamp to tag your music files, especially for flac files.  Also, make sure that your Album art in the Album folder is named the same as the album folder.  Also, the name in the xml needs to match the name of the album folder as well as the album name in the tag info.

Getting the info for music files can be a real headache, especially if the album has a really long name, if all the naming isn’t exactly the same everywhere then it won’t show up.  Also, certain taggin methods don’t work either, that’s why I recomend Winamp, it’s tagging works everytime and it also seems to be the only thing that will tag flac fies correctly.

Also, check THIS out for better Music viewing.