Album art

As anyone out there able to see album art when playing music (mp3, wma or wotever). I don’t seem to be able to make it work - I have a .jpg in the folder and have even tried renaming to folder.jpg. Any suggestions?

Hi, i’m having the same problem with the album art not showing up. I’ve just downloaded all my cd’s to WD external drive and all album covers were displayed on Windows Media Player.  It would be much easier to view album art to choose music. Anyone with information would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi again, here’s a link i found which may solve album art problem.

Thanks for the suggestion. But… I think this firmware upgrade is for the WD Live TV model not the ‘mini’. Any thoughts?

I am even more confused now… as I looked through my MP3 files I found that for one or two albums the artwork is displayed! When the album art is displayed so is the Genre (and only then). I can’t find ANY kind of pattern (size of jpg, hidden or otherwise etc etc). Any suggestions anyone (can we get a view from whoever did the programming)???

The manual tells us @ page 7something about an advanced navigation option that allows to browse the content by album covers. 

But this promised option is obviously not yet available :angry:

We want and need this feature !!!