Low Quality Album Art

For some reason when playing music (specifically MP3s with album artwork embedded in the ID3 tags) the album picture displayed whilst the song is playing on the WDTV Live is very low quality, I mean really bad. It’s doing this to every track so it’s not specific to one or two images or files.

Trying to play the files via any other PC media player shows the images as they should be, so it’s not an issue with the embedded image.

Has anyone else noticed this and does anyone know a fix?

(it’s minor but it’s annoying and looks aweful, especially as there are no visualisations, which they really should add. Don’t give me the “it’s not powerful enough” rubish. My iPod Classic and Amiga both did visualisations and the Amiga had a 8Mhz Motorola chip!).

I know this will sound obvious but what if you replace the embedded jpg’s with higher quality ones? o.o 

I have this problem too.  All of my album art files are high quality, 500x500 or larger.  It does not matter if they are named “folder.jpg” or embedded into the mp3 file.  It would be nice to be able to display the art properly.  Right now it looks like a 100x100 image is being stretched out to the size of a 600x600.

Did you ever resolve this, or are we stuck with low res covers for the moment?