Album art limitations?


Im having some issues with album art for my ripped cd collection. I have album art in each of the mp3s and also a folder.jpg that contains the album art. I copied thee files to a usb drive and attached it to my wdlive.

When I browse to music/Local drives/folders/ then I see cover art for the folders containing the cd’s.

When I browe to artists and then to the artist of my choice and then to the list of cd’s I dont se any cover art untill I go to the individual files. Is this a bug ?

Is that embedded cover art or just a jpg that you copied and pasted in the folder. I believe it only reads embedded cover art.

I have a folder.jpg in each folder that contains a ripped CD and I have cover art in each file.


I conclude I should cover art eveywhere , but that does not seem to be the case.