Album artwork

I have a WD Live Hub and a WD Live TV. The Hub is all set up with album art and works perfectly. When I stream the content stored on the Hub to the WD Live TV the album art work does not appear. In the System menu i have media library set to ON on both devices.

so to be clear

you have a live hub, and have movies etc stored either on internal hard driver or external connected to the hub

and you are using the bult in twonky media server to stream the files to your WD TV in another room

most media servers do not send accompany images art work, xml files, etc

you should try to access it via network shares

that should allow the WD TV Live to see all the supporting files as well as the media

I am using a live hub and have all the movies stored on the internal drive. After you suggested it I tried network share but it still does not work.

Is it Live Streamer or Play?

Anyway Live Streamer should show artwork when accessing Hub through network share.

I do have the live streamer. Still can figure out why the artwork isn’t coming up.

1 thing I can think of

thumbgails should come up regardless

it’s just a file in the directory

but moviesheets

rely on the xml to point to the correct location

if your XML’s have relative paths, the relative paths would be correct for 1 device but wrong for the other device

you would need to use absolute paths to have moviesheets working on both devices

Can you briefly explain how to do this?

I’m no thumbgen expert, and not at home to look at the options

you can check by opening one of the xml’s from your PC

relative paths typically looks something like


it has some dots in the path

if you xml’s have path’s like that you’ll need to recreate them with absolute paths

also note, I do not actually use XML’s in my set up

maybe somebody else is already familiar with setting up absolute paths in thumbgen

but it’s probably as easy as looking through the thumbgen settings, I’m pretty sure I remember one for absolute vs relative paths