New User - mp3 album artist tags

Just trying to setup my WDTV live streaming and am struggling with the media handling. I have several issues but will post one question at a time if anyone can help. I have setup the unit to use the media library reading window shares on my two NAS units. My first issue is the displaying of my mp3’s. I assume most folks display/browse their music sorted by artist. When I do this I get artists from my compilation (various artist) CD’s showing up rather than under the ‘various artist’ name that I have used in the ‘albumartist’ tag in the mp3. It would be normal that the album artist tag takes priority over the artist tag when listing music by artist. Can anyone confirm this is not the case with the WDTV ? How to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance!

Not sure about this one dude

there are a lot themers here that might help

try Timwarble, JoeySmith or Devicious