Organising Music & Album Artwork

Hi All,

Just purchased and setup my WDTV, all working fine but I’d like to improve the layout and display of my music.

Some time ago I ripped all of my music from iTunes onto my hardrive using freeware, it’s stored them in folders organised by Artist.  Regretably it’s left me with a number of mp3 files that are just 4 letters long and unrecognisable to the track name.  E.g. WNYH.mp3, SIOG.mp3.  Most of my albums also don’t have artwork associated with them.  I’m putting this down to me not using decent software and looking for the free option!

What software do people use to organise their music libraries prior to ‘importing’ into their WDTV?  Is there one that is particularly good to use that works with WDTV?  Is it possible to set up the WDTV to only display certain attributes of a mp3, i.e Song Title as opposed to the name of the mp3?

Any help greatly appreciated, cheers.

I use  Mp3tag - The Universal Tag Editor  click   … and it’s free

This feature (as well as many others)  … might be what you just need :smiley:

Rename files from tags:  Rename files based on the tag information and import tags from filenames.