Huh? Artist as Album Artist

Did I waste a lot of time fixing my entire library finally for the artist/album artist?

What I did:

All Albums:

Artist: the Album’s Artist

Album Artist:  the Album’s Artist


Artist: the Individual track’s Artist

Album Artist: Set to Various Artists

I am only seeing the “Album Artist” in any (all servers, shares) Now Playing screens for :“Artist”. 

Shouldn’t it be the Artist that is shown for the Artist in all cases for individual tracks?

Did i miss a setting in the WDTV options?

Hi PaulSbkk, I recommend you to contact JoeySmythfor advice on this.

@jubei04… to be honest, i did’nt understand the question

and to be completey honest,  i *rarely* ever use my WDTV for Music.

(i was hoping, someone more experienced with Music playback could be able to answer the original question)

i posted about 2 years ago in the Live Hub thread, about Music Coverart … maybe the problem is in the XML files ? (which contains Album and Artist tags … but i honestly don’t know?)

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Thanks Joey, in that case PaulSbkk, can you share more information about what you are trying to do? 

My apologies! I should have investigated a little more closely. I have done a careful walk through of ripping a compilation and an album CD in ITunes and adding it to my music library and have checked on my WDTV served by 3 media servers …

For music COMPILATIONs the Now Playing dialog (track) on my WDTV works as follows:

Media library: the Individual track artist name is displayed;
Local Storage: the Individual track artist name is displayed;
Media Servers: For all media servers tested (MBL, Foobar, Serviio): the words ‘Variable Artists’ is displayed instead of the name of the individual track artist;
Network shares: all fields displayed (artist, album, grnre) are blank.

My concern is re-stated:
I’d prefer to see the track artist name in all cases of individual playing tracks.

per track settings per compilation or album (all same albumname) followed

‘compilation’ set to 1 (Itunes still sets this)
artist: track artist
albumartist: ‘Variable Artists’ (could be left blank but that could break older software)
‘compilation’ unset
albumartist: artist or band, etc (leave unset AYOR)
artist: set to albumartist (ITunes set this field only - leave unset AYOR)


1)Can I be sure I am in the right forum?
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2)NEXT! Can’t we just get ‘Compilations’ sorted out from the media selection ‘Album’ groupings??