Artists and albums

I had a first generation WDTV, on that for music I could view a list of artists, then when I selected the artist I would have a list of albums by the artist. Now on the live hub all I get when I select and artist I can only get a list of every track by that artist. Is there a way to see the albums as before? I can of course see a list of all albums, but that is a long list.


I can’t believe there isn’t more information about this. Am I missing something? Why would you want to see all the tracks under an artist instead of the albums first? What media program works like this?

Artists - Albums - Tracks  

Makes sense doesn’t it?

MUCH more  information needed.

Are you using the Hub to view Local Storage or Network Shares?

If so, then:

  Is that how your folders are arranged?    Artist / Album / Tracks?

  If so, and you set your FILTER to FOLDER VIEW, then that’s how you’ll see it.

  If not, it’ll show you what you ask for, but it won’t do multiple levels.

Are you using the Hub to browse a DLNA Server? 

  If so, it’ll show you whatever the DLNA server is configured to show.

Or are you using a DLNA Client to view the HUB’s DLNA Server?

Or are you using the iTunes Server and viewing from another client?

Yes, I am viewing locally stored media.

I’m aware that I can get around this issue by using the “Folder View”, and have done so. However since I had my music in a “Music” folder I first had to scroll through that folder first which was not ideal. Does that make sense?

How I had my folders organized on the root level.

Music -> Artist -> Album

I had to move all of my music out of my “Music” folder and put it on the root level so I didn’t have to scroll through it when I went to my music. Not a huge deal, I’m just a little picky about how I organize my folders and don’t like having all of the artists folders on root level.

I just don’t understand why they have it set up to go straight from “Artist” to listing all of the tracks.