iTunes album art?

Greetings. I have moved my iTunes library from the main computer to the EX2 Ultra, all the music is there and can play over wifi to my Pioneer receiver…what I’m missing is the album art (which is there for the very few tracks I downloaded from the Apple Store but not for all the ripped CDs)…this is weird to me. Any suggestions? Is there a setting I haven’t run across yet? Thanks for your consideration.

Album art is usually embedded into the music file (mp3, flac etc)

Have you checked that your “Ripped CDs” have embedded album art ?

download mp3tag to check.

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the download is for something called “Stamp ID3 Tag Editor” and it cannot access non-local drives like the NAS. Any other ideas? The cover art is in my original iTunes library, just not showing through the NAS-wifi stream.