iTunes music in NAS

I moved iTunes music in My Book Live and load it with no problems in iTunes but without albumillustrations. Why can’t I get the albumillustrations?

Are you using “Shared” function (iTunes server)?   If so, that’s why.    iTunes Server doesn’t support album art.  

If you’re just accessing the files via an ordinary network connection, then most likely, the files don’t have the album art embedded in them.  You can check that using freeware programs such as MP3Tag.

Thanks for your reply!

It is correct the album art is probably not embedded! Does this mean you can never see album illustrations if you use the iTunes module on the My Book Live because you can’t copy and you can’t get them on the internet when using My Book Live?

The ranking of the albums is also different from the original library in iTunes and that is not so very practical.

Conclusion: the iTunes module on the My Book Live needs some further development?

I have heard rumors that the next release of firmware will have the option to add artwork & I really hope that this will also be for iTunes,

Can anyone confirm if this is so and when this is to expected to be released ?

I noticed that the info/artwork is copied to the music files in de shared map of the My Book Live but it isn’t there when you open the music files through iTunes shared bib. This seems not a great problem to solve this? (but I am not a programmer…)

streetlighter wrote:

I have heard rumors that the next release of firmware will have the option to add artwork

Rumors about WD releases are always dubious, considering WD seldom-to-never announces upcoming features.

This product is so old, I doubt there’d be any substantial changes like that.

As others have pointed out, itunes “server” doesn’t support artwork meta data.

But here is a simple workaround.

Rather than placing your itunes library in the Public Share / My Music folder, create a new folder in the public share and point itunes to that.

To point itunes to a different folder, open itunes preferences and choose “Advanced” then click “Change Library Location” Choose the new folder you created in the My Cloud / Public Share.

Once you do that, all music you add will be saved to that foler.

For some reason, itunes will not let you select the “My Music” folder on MyCloudor any folder nested in it. I presume because it is set up as a servier?

If – like me-- you have already copied your library to MyCloud / Public Share, the easiest thing to do is create an itunes library folder in MyCloud / Public Share, choose that as your primary iTunes library, then ADD all the files in the MyCloud / My Music folder.

Itunes will scan the folder, add the artwork and track names, then save them in the My Cloud / itunes library you created.

Then, you can delete the files in “my music” or keep them there for other non-itunes (DNLA devices) hanging off your network.

Make sense?