Album Artwork and Upgrade to 04.01.02-417


I’m a newbie here and also new to the world of Nas drives. I have put my CD collection on to a 2TB My Cloud drive and this is controlled via i pod,i -phone or i pad using a Denon Heos app. Playback is through a Denon Heos wirless amplifier.  All 3 devices play the music files, no problem. The i pod is the only one that plays with correct artwork for each album/track. The phone and i pad display incorrect artwork.(CD’s have been ripped in FLAC format using Db Poweramp). I suspect that there is some conflict with the different IOS software used on each of these devices.

If I access album art via My Cloud, it displays clearly, however once I am listening to music, i.e. streaming, the artwork is pixelated. Is this something to do with the server settings?

Also, not sure whether I should upgrade to the latest firmware.

Any help or advice appreciated.


I have never tried this app before. Lest see if any other user has tried it and can share some experience on this.