Problems on opening My Passport on Windows 10

I have problems on opening My Passport on Windows 10.
The unlocker wouldn’t start up, so I uninstalled WD Utilities while My Passport was still plugged in.
And now whenever I click the drive I just get nothing.

So I went online and downloaded everything Smartware, Utilities, and Security, I couldn’t find Unlocker anywhere and I think I may have screwed the password while tinkering with Security, but the password still works on Smartware when I’m unlocking it.

Utilities won’t recognize the password and so does Security, and there’s no hint when I click it.
Smartware like I said before recognizes it, it had the hint, but after tinkering with Security it just says no hint now.

So what should I do?

Hi, if you are able to access the drive after unlocking it with the smartware, you could get the information out and then start from scratch. You could also try with the WD Security on another computer to remove the password protection and adding it again.

The Password is working, but only on the outdated apps.

And I can’t seem to find anywhere to download the Drive Unlocker, it’s missing.
I think I can open it with the Drive Unlocker.