My WD passport ultra unlocker does not open in windows 10

Hello, I have recently changed from windows 7 to windows 10, when I connected the drive to my computer, in the section where it shows drives, it shows CD drive (F) WD unlocker exe ( as it always did), I double click it, user account control asks me if I want to allow this app etc, I click on yes and nothing happens. Screen returns to my drive section. And without unlocker I cannot access my passport drive. I am now edited this post, I have not installed the drive on my new computer, I thought that it would install itself, but only unlocker shows in my drive section. Is installation the problem?
Could you please help me with that. Thank you very much, best regards Danny

/same issue/
mine too:: just recently ← (W10 heavily updated many times within a month)

*bitlocker influencer for the issue. Isn’t It?

Try the latest version of WD Security - that worked for me with the same problem.

Ideally I would like a way of updating the version that exists on My Passport device…