Problem with safepoint


I bought recent a WD Mycloud 3,0 TB.
I want to create backups regularly. The problem I have is that I can’t create safe point.
I saw a lot of topics and tutorials about it, but it seems like I don’t have the same admin interface.
My firmware is 2.21.111, up to date.

On the top of the admin interface, I don"t have Safepoint, but Backups.
I connected a USB device, and I did a backup once. But I can’t configure it to have a backup regularly, or to create a safe point to be able to recover in case of a problem.

As you can see on the picture, I have the icon Backup, but not Safepoint. And I need to create a safe point

Do you know how t solve my problem ?

Thanks a lot

Since you have a newer MyCloud device some of the posts here use terminology [like safepoint] that doesn’t apply.
The same function apparently is achieved on your version using the term Backups. Below is copied from page 72 of the appropriate user manual for newer devices.

About Backups
You can create a complete backup or snapshot of your My Cloud device and save it to an
another server on or outside your home network, to a USB drive attached to the USB
expansion port, or to another storage location within your My Cloud system.
Backups can be created or run on a schedule you define. They include a record of users,
data, and shares on your device; any backups created using WD SmartWare, Apple Time
Machine, Windows 7 Backup, or Windows 8 File History, and any associated device
configuration details. Creating a backup ensures that you can easily recover your data from
a specific point in time to a new My Cloud device in the unlikely event that your My Cloud
device fails.

First you have a v2.x My Cloud. WD changed the terminology when they changed the firmware between the older generation v4.x My Cloud units and the newer generation v2.x My Cloud units. They are two different units that use the same name. Under the v2.x one uses Backup to copy the contents of the My Cloud to another location/device.

Second, there are several past discussions on the lack of a scheduling feature/option with the v2.x Backup feature. One can find those past discussions using the forum search option, the magnifying glass icon upper right.

Feel free to voice your displeasure at the crippling of the Backup feature with its lack of a scheduling option in the following Cloud Ideas discussions.

First a caveat - I am using an older MyCloud and only reading a newer manual.
It appears that automating a backup is possible using a job … this is covered on page 75 of the user manual
###Updating a Backup

There are two ways to update a backup:

  • Automatically - you set the frequency, date, and time when the update occurs
  • Manually
    To update a backup automatically:
  1. On the Navigation bar, click Backups to display the Backups page.
  2. In the left pane, select the type of backup you want to update.
  3. Click Modify Job to display the Modify Job dialog box. [choose option autostart when connected]
  4. Change the job details, and then click Save.

I certainly think this is quite a bit more complicated than the method used on the older versions.


thans a lot for all your answers. I did what PJPfeiffer told, autostart when connected, but in my system, the USB device is all the rime connected to My Cloud. So ti didn’t start automatically …

Hope WD will improve the next update

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I’ve stop using the safe point. I have my own shell script doing rsync - works great and setup in cron for auto weekly backup to connected MyBook Live

Aw really ? It’s seems great.
Is it possible to get that script and know how it works and to set it up ?