How can I clone my cloud?

I purchased 2 4T mycloud devices with the intention of using one as a “back-up”/clone to keep in the safe incase of device failure.
What is the best way to clone the original device to the back-up device and then sync them weekly?

Not certain if this answers your question exactly … To insure that the data on MyCloud is backed up you may use Safepoints. this copied from my dashboard …

Creating a Safepoint You can create your safepoint on either a USB drive attached to the WD My Cloud drive or on a different storage device within your network. Complete the appropriate procedure:
Create a safepoint on an attached USB drive now
Configure WD My Cloud to create a safepoint on an attached USB drive later
Create a safepoint on a different storage device now
Configure WD My Cloud to create a safepoint on a different storage device later

Below is from Help >Creating a Safepoint

About Safepoints A safepoint is a snapshot of the data on your drive at a specific point in time. In the unlikely event your WD My Cloud fails, you can restore your content from a safepoint.Do one of the following:
Select a safepoint from the list on the left
Click the Create Safepoint icon below the list
Click Start Recovery to recover a previously saved safepoint

Please note Safepoints can be scheduled, or manually created.

  • Scheduled Safepoint creation will update the current Safepoint
  • Manual you can name subsequent Safepoints differently [you’re not limited to 1 safepoint]
  • Both scheduled and manual are simultaneously permissible

Safepoints are not clones of the entire MyCloud


Thank you! I can see how that would be helpful, but it is not exactly what I want to do…
My hopes are that in case of a device failure, we can plug the back-up copy in and continue working while we have the original device repaired/replaced…
We recently had a 45 day period of stuck due to a device failure, and do not want to repeat that experience.

Well, if you don’t want to use safe point (don’t blame you), then manually set up both devices with the same users and shares, and set up an rsync job to mirror one to the other.

Search the forums for rsync. You’ll need to get your hands a little dirty messing with Linux, but not too dirty…

Thank you!

Another option would have been to go with a My Cloud Mirror or one of the other multi drive My Cloud units rather than buying two single bay My Cloud drives. With the multi bay My Cloud units one would have RAID capability incase one drive failed.