Problem with DVD after updating to 1.01.17

I usually play DVD (.vob) from my shared dvd drive, on network.

But, after updating to last firmware (.17) I can’t play any original or copied dvd, also dvd’s .iso

am I the only one who happens?

I can play DVD files (vob and iso) with the 1.01.17 firmware, but after a while video corruption will begin.  Every few seconds I’ll get  a checkerboard pattern, or the video will pause for a second or so.

The only upside is that the audio and video appear to be in sync.  However, with the video now generally unwatchable, I can’t say I’m happy.

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Perhaps I spoke too soon… when testing new files today, I could play vob files to start with, but eventually the WD TV Live would no longer open or play any of them.  It didn’t matter if I started over or went to a new file - it wouldn’t play.  The same problem exists when trying to play iso files.

The same thing is happening to me.  Is there a solution to this problem yet?

 I had same problem. I reset to factory deault and restarted. It started playing.