Problem with release .17

after upgrade to .17, all my network share .vob file become black screen on my TV? I was able to play these files before upgraded… anythings wrong with this release???

What was your firmware before the update to .17

I updated each time WD live asked me, so not sure what version was previous  .11? . However since  upgraded to 1.01.17

I can not play any .vob  the system see my file and play and stuck and show only a dark screen TV. The local working OK.

I want to go nack yo previous  firmware version .11? how?

It seems .17 makes the network  whost.  I t streams the video to my TV but it took forever ( black screen and then very very slow frame by frame) with version .11 I don’t have any issue.

I’m on the same boat as you.  I also get a black screen when I play .vob files and dvd iso files.  I also notice that 720p mkv files don’t work as well with the new firmware.  After a wile 720p mkv movies get clippy and then freezes.  On the positive side, an .avi that has never worked for me before is now working with the new firmware.