Problem with access using drive mapping on firmware 8.12


After getting the update to version 8.12 I have removed the WD Discovery (sorry but it’s doing more headache then helping) and added local network access using the My Cloud web page.

I have mapped it to windows as network drive, I can see the files, I can copy and save files into it and opening files like docs txt etc…
But when trying to run any type of media, music, movie, picture I am getting error I have no access to view it.

Any ideas?


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Hi @bar182,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I cannot tell you why, but if your content existed before the update to 8.12, the permissions will not be set properly. as a test delete and replace a single file without changing its folder location. If you have the permission issue I have, you will be able to delete it and the new copy will play fine. The problem is there is no way to fix this in bulk that I know of. if you try to look at file permissions on a pre-update file you cannot, but if you look at a newly copied one you can view the permissions fine. It would probably be a simple group ownership or group access right change, but the interfaces available provide no way to make those changes or even confirm that is the cause. if there was ssh access it I think it would be easy to fix, but there isn’t. WD should do something about it but so far has not.

I could use a solution for this too… I’m working on a program to swap the files, but it’s not good to have to work around a bug like this… and regardless of what support may say it’s a bad little bug.

Thanks for the replay :slight_smile:
I have found a “solution”, I got my hands on a QNAP system and my My cloud found its place in storage :man_shrugging:

For anyone interested I found the cause for this… Still looking on a fix though. I’m going to open a support case with WD and see if they can help.

The problem stems from the handling of existing files when the upgrade is applied. The older versions of the MyCloud Home Duo apparently created all user files in linux as being owned by root and group root, and limited rights for other linux users (600 mode -rw-------). I assume the services all ran under root so they could access the files with these settings. WD has been improving the device’s security posture and newly created files are no longer owned by root but by user 1000 and have different permissions (mode 775 -rwxrwxr-x). Presumably they did this to move the services off of the root account which is good for security. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they have a ‘working’ script to update the settings on the existing files, so they do not open or play correctly after the upgrade. the simplest fix would be to use chmod -R 775 to set all of the files to the new mode value, and the most correct solution would be to do that and then also change their ownership. Hopefully they’ll issue a fix for this at some point.

PS: I tried opening a support case, but most of their website filters out any accounts from so it never got created. another dumb move…