Problem from playing network

i have recently purchased wd tv live plus. i connected it with wifi when i go on to youtube .file keep on loadind but  didnt play and i played several movies from network shared played well and when i play again those file it keep on loading but not playing it?please tell me the solution. if i update the firmware …can i come to its orignal setting if i want to?means that can i came back to default firmware?

Make sure you read all of this:

yes i have checked it. its playing vob file but when i play previously played fine…now its keep on loading

Ah – you’ve played a “bad” MKV file (one made by MKVMerge greater than 4.0).

You need to delete that file and/or remake it (with a version of MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier).  In the meantime, completely reset your Live and DON’T play that file (or any other MKV file made with a bad version).

thanks …it works