WD TV Live Plus, Choppy Playback

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been having some problems playing back any VOB or MKV file over the network on my WD Live Plus device.  It is slow loading, and about 30 seconds or so into the media it will start to chop up really bad.  I am able to play these files pefectly with no issues from an external device plugged into the media player.

I’ve got the media files shared on my PC over a gigabit switch, running Windows 7.  The firmware on the device is 1.04.17_B. Has anyone else had these problems? I’m tempted to go buy another one just to find out if the device is defective.  I’ve had it for some time now and has worked fine up until about a month ago.  Every other network service works fine, and my PS3 streams from the same PC with no problems.

These are Hi-Def files, 720p and 1080p.  Both do the same thing.



After looking through the forums a bit, I found how to rollback the firmware.  Seems to have fixed it!