WDTV Live Plus Firmware Version 1.06.34_B Breaks MKV Support

Got the message on my WDTV Live Plus box today that a new firmware 1.06.34_B is available, so I upgraded. Things seemed OK, however, it no longer plays MKV files (either that or it takes more than 5 minutes to load them). Avi files also take FOREVER to load. MP4 files play fine.

THis happens on NETWORK SHARES with all MKV files that used to play fine on the old firmware.

Using a USB flash drive the MKV files will play though.

Please fix this!

I have the same problem,please fix it !

Actually, if you wait about 4 minutes, the Mkv will start as well, wonderful :slight_smile:

now seriously, this new firmware made the device unusable for watching movies (now who uses it for this … Hmmm )

i think I’m going for a popcorn,xtreamer next time, I had it with Half assed firmwares (though I must admit, the new remote feature is awesome).

Tested and rolled back to previous version even before the official announcement :smileyvery-happy:

How do you roll back to a previous version?

Anything HD takes minutes to load now, fastforwarding/rewinding and resuming play is an ordeal, and everything’s out of sync.