Problem playing 1080p mkv file with Release 1.02.21 (3/30/10) firmware

I recently updated WD TV Live HD media player to Release 1.02.21 (3/30/10) firmware . It installed properly , when i connect 1 TB wd external hdd(WD10000H1CS) to play files specially 1080p mkv files (around 10gb +) the playing is smooth for 10 min then suddenly it will start laging , frames skips and sound not coming properly after few secounds it will be nornal again and again same problem.Then i tried different mkv file same problem. In Earlier firmware i dont have this problem ,mkv was working properly.

And you’ve done the usual things after a firmware upgrade (reset to factory settings, done the pull power plug thing) right?

I have the same problem

Flickering playback after 5-10 min.

After firmware updated I resetted the box with side button, removed power. reset default.

Seemed to be working for half a day and now the problem is back

With previous firmwares I had problems connecting to share folders, but  at least I could watch the movies.

Now the connections are much better, but  I CANNOT ENJOY ANY MOVIE with this new bug.

Plus all my folders wont display thumbnails anymore.

I have allways defended the WDTV Live but now I’m really fed up.

How come It gets worst every update !?

How is it possble that for one corrected problem more bugs comes out ?!

Bad Product and even worst support ! Booo ;(