Issue with new firmware version 2.03.20. No longer plays MKV files

Hi. I’ve upgraded WD TV Live to new firmware 2.03.20 and since then I can’t play MKV files from a HDD connected through USB.

How can I downgrade to last firmware? (besides I don’t know which was).



try a Factory Reset 1st …

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

if that doesn’t work … my Firmware Rollback Guide is HERE

Note: there is no download link for Firmware 2.02.32 on WD’s Webpage

So if you need that version … here’s the download link (but you will need to edit the *.ver file to a higher number for the WDTV to detect it eg.VERSION=‘2.02.32’ to VERSION=‘4.02.32’

Factory reset did not solve the problem. I’ll try rolling back firmware. Thanks

I think rolling back to 2.01.86 and then upgrade to 2.02.32. In this way I don’t need edit anything.

Thank you very much Joey!!

editing the ver file takes about 2 seconds … rolling back to 2.01.86 then upgrading is gonna take a lot longer … but anyways, if you have time to spare, then that should work also

So my frustrating issue is I have 2.03.20 and everything seems to work. I have auto firmware update set. It passes the wireless network connectivity check. I can also get to Netflix, etc so I know it is on my wireless network - I even switched from my private and guest network with no issues… BUT THE PROBLEM is when I try to check for Latest Firmware Updates - it comes back with error - check network connection… But if I can get to the apps like Netflix just fine - what is going on ? And my external Hard drive with 400 movies USB connected works fine… First issue I have ever had with this product…

I had issues with memory bleed and some file types have trouble playing including MKV so rolled back to 2.01.86 which was version on unit before the update and every thing works fine. Once in a blue moon I get file type not supported despite having played same type just before so I restart unit and usually all is well