New, sudden problem

So I have had my WDTV-Live for awhile now and everything has been going fine. I only use the Network Shares feature to stream mostly HD MKV files from my Windows 7 machine.

Recently, I went to play a 720p HD MKV fille and when I select it, I get nothing but the blue spinning load wheel. If I hit the Stop button, nothing happens, but if I hit the Back button it goes back to the selection screen.

I have noticed that I can play music files and other non-HD and/or MKV video files. However, as soon as I try to play a HD/MKV file and go back to try and play anything else, it does the same thing.

I have also noticed that my computer maxes out its resources while trying to play a HD/MKV file (I let the blue spinning load wheel continue and check my computer and the memory and processors are maxing out). I have done nothing different with my computer in terms of both software or hardware.

I have reset the WDTV-Live to Factory Defaults, reset by pressing small button on outside, and power cycled by pulling power but nothing has worked. I am also running the latest firmware (

So does anyone have any ideas?

Welcome to the forums.

You have played a “bad” MKV file, one made with MKVMerge later than 4.0.  If you reset your Live and don’t play that file again (or any other “bad” one) you’ll be fine.  You can fix any file by running it through MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier.

But I cant play any HD/MKV files, even ones that played fine before.

After you re-read mkelley’s response, go read the FAQ section 4.

Thanks guys. Will try it out tonight.