Problem connecting my My Cloud Home

Hello, I just bought a My Cloud Home 8TB in Spain, but when I plugged it in, the white front LED did not light up even though the Ethernet activity is good. I can’t connect to it and WD support still hasn’t responded to me. Thank you for your help.


WD Documentation (

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No LED means no power or defective power supply or controller.

LED Status System State Example
No Light * Power is off (plug is not connected) Image

You did not say if you bought this new or used. In either case, try to return unit to seller for refund.

Often in a used unit, the My Cloud Home is sold with an after market power supply that is defective and does not power up the unit or possibly even damage the unit beyond a simple replacement of the power supply could fix.

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Thanks for your response, but I have the documentation I read. It is indicated that if the white LED is not lit, the device is not powered, and yet the Ethernet connector is active.

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It’s a new device that I just bought at “MediaMarkt” in Madrid.

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Before you return the unit, try again and make sure the following:

  • the WD MCH power supply is suitable for your country, eg 230V 50Hz
  • that your wall circuit or power strip is working properly.
  • that no USB device(s) is plugged into the MCH while powering ON

It is possible for a defective power supply or defective wall plug circuit to power on part of the electronics of a PC or NAS such as the ethernet, without having sufficient current or voltage to power on the main circuit of the motherboard.

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I don’t think so since the electrical installation at home is correct, plus only the Ethernet of the device works without the white front LED and there is no noise from the hard drive.

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This condition is fairly common with a defective power supply.

I have an issue where my computer/motherboard won’t turn on, I am not sure if it is fried but when the ethernet is plugged in the light on the switch turns on, meaning that some kind of current is passing through my machine.

  • @Col yeah the motherboard turns on with a different power supply of the same model. Is there anything I can do with the current one?
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