My Cloud Home is offline after the latest update in Dec 6

Hello community, I found my cloud home was offline, and when I check the documents of the router, I found that it connected the router at Dec 6, the day it updated. After checking “My Cloud Home”, I found the bottom LED is not illuminating. Please tell me how can I fix the issue, Thanks!

@Xiaofeng Are you sure you have a My Cloud Home? The following comes from the User Manual.

1. Front LED
The front LED on My Cloud Home devices is a single color, white. It is either on, off or blinks with a certain rhythm to indicate a specific “System Condition”. A “System Condition” list is outlined below in Table 1.2.

See the User Manual.

Yes, there are two Ethernet LEDs at the rear of the My Cloud Home.

@Xiaofeng Sorry, I don’t own one but here is what the User Manual shows for the rear of a My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo. Have you tried a different cable?


Is this what you are talking about? This is from the User Manual.


Thanks for your information :grin: