*Please Help* Device not showing on App/Web/PC

Hi All,

I know this is likely to be a problem that doesn’t seem uncommon but my device is no longer being detected through all of the normal platforms.

A few months ago I received a new wifi booster and as my router only had so many ethernet ports, I had to make a sacrifice and decided the mycloud could temporarily be disconnected…note I did not turn it off, just disconnected ethernet.

A couple of days ago I freed up an ethernet port and plugged in the device expecting to carry on where I left off but the normal apps and services do not detect it.

It looks to be on, the ethernet is flashing. The front is slowly flashing maybe once per second or slower. Overall makes the noises when turned on.

I have tried the usual things, turning it off and on, turning the router off and on but nothing.

I’m devastated that I may have to return this (still in first year of purchase so will get money back from WD)

Please help, I dont want to have lost any files (though I probably do have copies, I do not have a direct mirror so I will probably lose something.

I am very much a novice, but recently discovered that the white LED is used to indicate operating status and various errors. A normally-functioning device should display a solid (non-blinking) LED.

While I don’t have a specific solution, perhaps have a look at these articles to help troubleshoot your problem:



Thank You, I must have looked at the top page a million times but the answer was on the second link. I doubted it was a network issue as I don’t remember making any changes but when rummaging though I found some firewall settings applied specifically to the mac address of my device! Working now. thanks for help.