PR4100 remote backup to another PR4100


I have two PR4100’s set up - one as a remote backup server to another. I cannot get the backups to begin. I set up the jobs and can see the remote folder - I choose it and create the job - but it stays at 0% and then eventually fails. I have checked everything twice - any ideas?

Thank you

Have you opened a support case? If not, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: 1

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I’ve been having the exact same issue. Two PR4100 systems, one as a backup server. Has been working for years but upon Remote Backup 1.29 it broke. Nothing was changed in the system. The progress bar stuck at 0%.

I tried the other way around, from backup server to main server. That worked fine. But that was a clean install and there it was where my mind gave me an idea. I deleted the Remote Backup app and installed an older version found on this website v1.21. You can find the link by googling ‘app store, wd pr4100’. I re-entered my backup job and voila! It began immediately.

So: get the bin for RemoteBackup version 1.21 for your PR4100. Make a note of all your backup jobs. Delete version 1.29 through App management and from there MANUALLY install the bin file (just point the NAS to it where it is stored). Then recreate the backup jobs and you will see it will work again. Do not upgrade for a while is my advise.

Hope this helps.

Hello and thank you! I can’t seem to find v1.21 for the PR4100…

Here’s the link

My Cloud OS5 Apps Download Links - My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage / Community Developed Apps - WD Community

Thank you very much for your assistance and diligence - this has fixed it for us as well. I have had a ticket open with WD; I will advise them of this workaround!

You’re most welcome! Thanks for passing it on to WD. Hope the bug gets squashed in the future releases.