Remote Backup Problem - Destination Folder Please Wait


Hi I have 2 PR4100 on my network. I have set up remote access on one with the instructions on WD website. I am trying to set up the remote backup and when selecting the destination folder it just says please wait and never changes. Any ideas how to resolve?

On my router uPnP list I can see it has automatically created entries for Int Ports 80 (ext 9092) and 443 (ext 9445) and the connection status on both is showing as Connected Port forwarding connection established.

I cannot however see anything in the router uPnP list for ports 22 or 873 which I had to set up on Port Forwarding from the WD instructions. Do you think this could be causing an issue?

Or could these Port be conflicting between the 2 PR4100? If so how do I fix?



Hi jamphi24,

You can refer the link mentioned below to configure the remote backup properly on your WD My Cloud PR4100 devices.


Since firmware update 2.31.149 I have been getting the same issue with the “please wait” on the destination NAS. Both PR4100 NAS drives are configured correctly because it was working before the update. So far the only work around I have found is to make new folders under a main folder on the destination NAS because if I select more than 1 folder on the source NAS the destination NAS stays at the “Please wait” and never list the folders. The result is that I end up with 7 jobs each named after one of the folders I created for a single source share. Before, I could select all the shares for one destination using only one job. Remote Backup has been changed.


To let you know. I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to create a support case because I believe this is a firmware issue with the latest firmware. I’m hoping to revert to the last firmware to see if it corrects the issue to confirm. If successful, I will let you know the update.