Pr4100 blue light blinking

mycloud pr4100 blinking blue around 2days then coming read light and showing in led (firmware fail )
after that i enter to the ip address then i give the firmware file (i already trying with all versions old and new firmware’s files )

after i select the file stuck around 2 to 3 days after that coming 100% then showing error (firmware failed verify) i try many times…
i try also to install Debian Linux not booting from the flash
also i cant access SSH

only Working wait FreeNas

please if anyone have new solution please

or if i can update the firmware from FreeNass

no one have solution for this Issus ?

anyone know how to install freenas on internal flash please

Hi @khaled2030,

Please refer to the below link article Blinking white or blue power LED on My Cloud:

Please refer to the below link article How to Auto Update Firmware on a My Cloud:

thanks for reply
but i cannot access the dashboard
Mycloud just stuck welcome WD then after 2 days change to Read light
after that i access the Device With safe Mode then Update Firmware after that stuck again for Few days Then Showing error Verify firmware fail
please Do u have any solution


I appreciate that you have performed the troubleshooting steps.

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I hope this helps others with the PR4100 flashing blue power light.
I have had this issue twice over the years and the solution for me both times was to replace the Memory. I did everything under the sun the first time I had the issue to fix it. Including spending a great deal of time on the phone with support. I finally gave up and ordered a new system. I wanted to get my upgraded 16 gig ram from the faulty system, and install it in the new system. When I did, the new system had the same response as my original system. Flashing blue power light. I installed the ram from the new system in my old system, and my old system powered right up without issue. I am using the Crucial RAM 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz. If you have upgraded your ram, and having this issue, try putting your original ram back in. If you have your original ram in still, try replacing it. I hope this helps. It may take a few restarts to get it going after replacing the ram.