PR2100 - Flashing Blue Light After Reboot

I have had this happen before, and I want to know if I am doing something wrong or I need to change something. I had some problems with the Plex server on my machine so I thought I would reboot. I went into the web interface, found the settings and a section that says “reboot”. After restarting the machine, I found somewhere that says it does a file check and that results in a flashing blue light on the front of the machine. I did the reboot last night around 9pm and its now 10am the next day and the light is still flashing. Right now, I have no access to the machine via the web app or iphone app.

  1. how do I stop it?
  2. how do I prevent this when I simply want to do a restart?



Hello voodoo_ca,

Blue flashing light on PR2100 indicates device is powering on or in the process of
updating the firmware. However, it should not take that long for the device to turn on or for the firmware update to be completed.

  1. power down the NAS
  2. Unplug power and network connections
  3. Restart your device

After the device is rebooted please check the firmware version and update if required from the dashboard.

This conflicts with this knowledgebase article:

The list of applied products includes the My Cloud PR2100.


  • Press the power button to power if off
  • Press the power button to power if on

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