PR4100 and Mail notification


I’ve got a question about mail notification on PR4100. I’ve turned that on, entered my email adress and under ‘Configuration’ selected to receive ‘All’ messages as email. Is there a document or list that describes what kind of event that would trigger an email? For example; if using two power bricks to the PR4100, when loosing power on one of them, would that generate a warning email? Failed disks?

Robert Nilsson

I can now confirm that the NAS sends email when loosing power:
Got two emails like this when tidying up the cables behind the NAS and unplugged it, one port at a time:

Following events are generated on your MyCloudPR4100 Apollo.

Event title:Power loss detected
Event description:Power loss detected on port 2.
Event code:1022
Event time:02-16-2019 01:23:26 PM
Firmware version: 2.31.163

// Robert