E-mails not working? ****FIXED BY WD****

I have a PR2100 that used to send e-mails, however, that seems to have stopped working now with the last 2 firmware updates.

Any ideas on what I can try to resolve this? The addresses are correct and they aren’t landing in Spam.

ETA: Also, like another poster I had to hold the power button to manually shut off my NAS as the restart didn’t work after applying the latest update. To be fair though I have had to do that every time I update the firmware after waiting for over 15min as it is just sitting there. Beyond that though I love the PR2100.

Have you tried disabling E-mail notifications and creating a dummy E-mail account afterwards in order to test if the issue relates to E-mail addresses that were previously registered?

I’ve had exactly this same problem since the day I bought my PR4100, about 2 months ago. I’ve reported it to WD tech support and sent them the necessary config data and details of the network config. Their latest thinking is to connect the PR4100 directly to the router rather than elsewhere on the LAN. It might help if you also reported your email problem to tech support.

I just tried removing the other addresses and used one that has never been used before with no joy.

I will give reporting it a try. It used to work but that was 2 firmware versions ago now after yesterday’s update.

Not much help, but I just wanted to leave my issues here in hopes that maybe someone from WD sees numerous folks affected (I’m not spending holiday time on the phone trying to troubleshoot).

Same issue here though… no e-mails of any sort, test or official. Only had this rig (PR2100) for about two weeks and I think in that time I’ve seen two firmware updates. The feature hasn’t worked since day one though. I’d be ok with SMS notifications, but some internet’ has shown that set-up process to be a complete mystery to all who’ve seen the option.

WD Support said to perform a System Restore on my PR2100.

I am less than enthusiastic about doing that though since I finally have it set up the way I want it.

I wish there was a way to look at a log to see what the exact error was :neutral_face:

They gave me the same response for another small issue I was having the other day (secure login to Plex via the app “configure” button). A user here helped me fix the issue with what appeared to be little to no thought (he has the knowledge I don’t). All I had to do was add an ‘s’ to http. Doh!

You think someone working at WD support would have been able to offer genuine help vs the canned-response of performing a System Restore.

Let me know if you get notifications working and I will do the same for you.

I really wonder how the mail is being sent on PR4100. On any other NAS I got my hands on, you get to specify SMTP server you want to use (usually your provider’s) and the system was then simply pushing mails through that server. On WD, well, there is big round zero options, you set up mail and rest is black box.

I have found this in logs corresponding to times I have sent testing mails:

2016 Dec 28 18:17:22SAMBA CIFS: Authentication for user [(name censored for spam reasons :))@gmail.com] has FAILED.

I wonder what that should mean, as sending mail should have nothing to do with samba (Windows file transfer protocol on linux)

Edit: I have created a support case for this, let’s see that support comes with.

Let us know!

I did the same thing with the “s” when I started with Plex too…doh! It took me an hour of screwing around with it to figure out my mistake.

I did find an entry in the user.log file that says the following:
WD NAS: Email alerts REST API failed to return Success

I am thinking that is my problem but I can’t find any more details. I kind of need to know more details than simply that the REST call failed.

I can get to my NAS using WDMyCloud.com and can get to the interface from outside my network as well (I turned it on to test) so I believe ports are opened correctly. I am forwarding external ports to 21, 443, and 80 using my router and have no port forwarding set up on the NAS itself as it doesn’t seem to be needed with the way I am doing it as everything works except for the e-mails.

Which log are you finding those authentication entries in?

After more research I found out that the log entry was completely unrelated to the mail fail.
Found it in the Settings > Tools > System logs

What you found is an evidence that failure is at the WD side - the NAS send request to send notification mail to the API on WD server, the failure is there.

Funny. WD fails to properly support their own api. I am not even surprised anymore.

Well, how do we get their attention?

I am working on it with Carlos at WD right now.

Hopefully he can get something figured out in the next couple of days. I an provide him with access to my NAS if he needs it as well.

I figured it was an issue on their side after seeing the REST error as I doubted they hosted their own REST service on each NAS as that would be retarded. I couldn’t imagine trying to support that nightmare as a software developer myself.

I was informed yesterday that they still want me to do a System Restore.

I am not keen on doing it right now so I will probably just live without the e-mails.

The answer basically sounds to me like the standard “Reboot your machine and that should fix it.” that is handed out by IT departments all over the world.

I am plenty capable of troubleshooting the issue but I am not a Linux expert so if they could just provide me with a starting point I could have probably figured it out but I guess that isn’t an option.

I decided to do the System Restore.

Nothing has changed and the same REST error appears in the log.

Are there any other ports besides 21, 80, and 443 that the NAS would utilize (besides those used for other apps like Plex)?

The MyCloud Android app works and I can get to FTP, Plex, and the Dashboard externally. The connection is showing “Port forwarding connection established”.

From a technical perspective, I’m not well-versed in how to move forward with any troubleshooting. I’m sorry that I am unable to help! I just wanted to say thank you for chugging along.

No problem. I am just hoping something can be figured out.

It’s not that the e-mails are vital but they sure are handy to know when the power goes off at the house :grinning:

I give up :confounded:

I got the list of ports being blocked by the ISP direct from the head network guy (I know him thru work) and there is nothing that should cause the e-mail notifications to fail.

I plugged the NAS directly into the router with no luck, changed e-mail accounts to some I haven’t used in years with no luck, did the System Restore with no luck, got a different modem which is still bridged with no luck, turned off my router’s firewall completely with no luck…I am done.

The latest suggestion was to apply the latest firmware update but I already did that when it came out so I see no reason to install it again manually.

I guess I will just rely on looking at the lights on the unit to see if a drive is failing since logging into it daily is not going to happen :angry:

The supplied REST error is useless and I can’t find a more detailed message.

Sorry I am venting but this is such a stupid problem.

Who knows…maybe it will start working again one day for no reason just like it stopped working for no reason.