Email notifications not working

Dear Community,

I am not getting any notifications from My Cloud (after fnishing a task e.g.). I switched notifications on in the settings: I can only receive test mails. Can I ask another related question? If another user adds something to the cloud, is it possible to get a notification here as well (when everything is up and running:smiley:)?

Many thanks for your ideas.

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What firmware do you have installed on your drive?

It’s 1.05.30. Thanks.

Now I think about it I also seem to be missing those alert emails (I’m also on 1.05.30).

Test emails work ok, but we had a power cut the other day and I didn’t get an alert about the power-down or restart. They did used to work fine in earlier firmware versions whenever network connection was lost or the MCM was rebooted.

Hi guys,

Anyone get this fixed ?

I’m having the same trouble.

Check this post:

Hi all

After 4 years more still the same ■■■■?
I think so?

Any Solution for this???